This summers adventure

Six months is a very long time when you’re waiting for something spectacular. August 3 we will hit the road and go to Oslo. From Oslo we will go by plane to Kirkenes. From Kirkenes we will go by bus to Murmansk. In Murmansk we will spend one night at hotel, and the next day we will continue our trip by bus to Tomani, where the helicopter picks us up. The helicopter takes us to the Rynda Salmon Camp. Maybe we will get some lunch there, maybe not. Nevertheless we will fly the final distance to the area Upper Kharlovka, and we will be there after almost 48 hours of travelling.

From there we will go by rubber boat the 30 km down to Kharlovka Salmon Camp, where the helicopter will pick us up the upcoming saturday. Follow the link and look at the pictures. I just love the surroundings!

We are hoping for salmon, trout and char during the week. Maybe we will se bear, eagle and wolverine.

Six months is a long time…

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