The Fly Photo Newsletter – Issue 3

This one is new to me, and definitely an acquaintance worth keeping! A fly fishing magazine with focus on photography, can it be better?










Matt Jones has created an exciting, interesting, beautiful collection of photos and articles. There are places and species I have never been around, which makes it exotic and makes me dream about jungles, warm waters and strong fish.
And in the middle of that Matt takes us to the Colorado fall. To high mountains covered by colorful trees. To blue skies and crystal clear waters. That is a place I’ve been to, and the views makes me want to go back. Now.

Besides the pictures there are some reviews and tips, all of them useful for the photographing fisherman.

There are almost no ads in the newsletter, and that is something I appreciate.

So thank you Matt for a moment of dreaming and inspiration. I’m sure looking forward to the next issue.

Follow the link to find the newsletter:

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